Activate Your Voice

Sacred Sounds in Ceremony

with Silvia Nakkach, M.A., MMT (Saraswati Devi)
August 9-14, 2024

Learn many ways to use the voice to empower your healing work

Join us for this very special workshop here at Sacha, with our dear mentor and teacher Silvia Nakkach. This will be Silvia’s first time visiting Lake Atitlán and offering this retreat, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to be immersed in sound and singing

Spiritual evolution aims at giving back to a human being his original, acoustic and original, acoustic and luminous purity, transforming the self into a subtle cosmic resonator.” Inayat Khan

Universally and from time immemorial, all ancient traditions implement sound and chanting as a gateway to contemplation, divination, and spiritual evolution. Freeing the voice with medicine melodies, reactivates that creative energy into one’s life. The devotional art of communal singing can reach the place of joy and fulfillment in a few minutes. At the end of every phrase or long breath, there is a taste of naad (cosmic pulse), in the form of a peaceful `We’ll Integrate insights and possibilities into the intentional use of the voice as a spiritual practice; to assist healing; to enrich inner work; to enhance trust and inner serenity; to build awareness and emotional stability; and to cultivate devotion, discipline, and compassion. Each practitioner will take home a personal medicine melody and sound healing sadhana.


What is the deep chant practice?

The deep chant practice approaches the voice as a fabric of breath, body, and expression. We might begin to perceive the luminous nature of the mind and the radiance of the spirit. Chanting effortlessly reveals the healing energy within the voice, like the original soothing voice of the newborn’s mother. Instantly, a kind of archetypal longing is appeased. This aligns with Rudolf Steiner’s concept of tone as a spiritual reality and his fascination with what he described as inner, outer, and universal tone.

Covering every dimension of healing with deep chant; the scientific, the yogic, the creative, and the shamanic, Silvia’s mindful listeningand creative teaching style is informed by inspired scholarship and an applied practice that proves yoga and musicality to be intimately intertwined with oneself and health. It is on the horizon of the human potential models, that the evolving collaboration– between the yogis of sound and the healers of the psyche – will lead to the refinement of the quality of life and the competence of spiritual service. In time, this collaboration includes the aim that yogis and healers become virtuosolisteners.

Through mixed- media lectures, uninterrupted chanting, and contemplative music making participants will learn about:

The Spiritual Science of Sound, Voice as Yoga: deep listening exercises to integrate sound, mantra healing, and self-inquiry, using energy principles based on ancient and modern scientific research on the power of unlocking the voice through breath as sound.

Devotion through Sound: the subtle discernment among the practices of Shabda Yoga, Nada Yoga, Svara Yoga, Raga Yoga, Bhakti Chants and Kirtan, Tantric chants, Sacred Syllables, and Medicine Melodies to unite with the flow of the Divine

Release Points of Tension and enhancing flexibility in the Voice: Morning Sound and Light voice fine-tuning practice (Karaj) based on ancient breathing and vocal range development. Including healing modalities of humming, seed-syllables, and mantras that release creative energy.

Musical Expression and Technique: become familiar with the 108 Vocal-Art Strategies of the Yoga of the Voice training, to improvise, compose, and share with others a repertory of sound practices and chants.

Vocal Purification Practices that clear energy patterns, stimulate the brain, and enhance memory and the sensibility of the subtle body-mind through Call and Response chanting.

Raga Singing and the Art of Melody: Moods, Modes, sensitive intervals, pentatonic scales, and music in shamanic journeys (Cosmic sound).

Sound and Consciousness: Deep Listening and states of awareness in Tone, Trance, and Ceremonial Sound to awakening luminous states of consciousness and a joyous sense of well-being.


Who should take this course?

It is not required that to be a musician to take this course. Everyone, regardless of musical training, will learn to apply the voice, music,and sound to enhance wellbeing.

Class learning’s can be integrated into all healing practices including medicine, nursing, osteopathy, psychotherapy, bodywork, yoga classes, and all energy-centered therapies. Special emphasis will be given to incorporate the gift of opening the voice in your personal life, deepening the nature of your practice with a renewed confidence and spiritual emphasis.

This training (accrue 20 hours towards Vox Mundi School International Yoga of the Voice Certificate)

“Real music is not for wealth, not for honors. It is one kind of yoga, a path for realization and salvation to purify your mind and heart and give you longevity.” – Ali Akbar Khan

Silvia Nakkach, M.A.,MMT, ( Saraswati Devi) is a Grammy® nominated musician, vocal arts educator and author. She is a former clinical psychotherapist and an internationally accredited specialist in cross-cultural sound and music therapies, including music in shamanic practices. She is the founding director of the International Vox Mundi School of Sound and the Voice, devoted to the preservation of unusual vocal cultures through performance, education, and spiritual practice. For many years she was on the faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies where she created the first certificate program in Sound, Voice and Music in the Healing Arts offered by a major academic institution. Presently, she is the academic consultant and core instructor of the New York Open Center Sound Practitioner Certificate. In addition to her many academic credentials, Nakkach has devoted more than 40 years to the evolution of Deep Listening with her mentor Pauline Oliveros, and to the study of Classical North Indian Music and the art of raga singing under the direction of the late Maestro Ali Akbar Khan and other great living masters of the Dhrupad tradition. Silvia has released sixteen CD albums and is a contributing author of several scholarly books, her latest book Free Your Voice, published by Sounds True, (2012). Find her music on Spotify


Tuition $750 

To include room and board at Sacha add $350.

Retreat Details

Sessions will be held at Sacha. Each day delicious prepared vegetarian lunch will be included on-site.

We have shared accommodations on site, to include meals, which is an additional $350 per person, rooms are 4 beds and one is 2 beds. We have one private room with queen bed for additional $500 for one person or $350 each if shared. Bathrooms are shared with all the rooms. 

Please send us an email specifying that you would like to have accommodation at Sacha and we will send you the link to reserve.

More info and photos of the property found here

We will include a mayan fire ceremony and an evening Temezcal (sauna) during the retreat. On site bodywork/massage or Mayan astrology readings can be arranged for additional cost. 

Tuition price does not include: International airfare to Guatemala City, RT taxi to the lake from airport (3+ hour trip), accommodations, meals with the exception of lunch during the retreat, and any other extras. We can help you plan your journey, and recommend Antigua as a place to visit to land before or on the way home from the lake. 

Retreat is organized by Isa and Ari, who will be assisting during the retreat please reach out if you have any questions