Shipibo Plant Dieta

with Maestras Rosenda and Maria

Upcoming Dates TBA, January Dieta is postponed

Jochipapanete Center, Contamana, Ucayali, Peru


This life transforming journey is open to those with previous experience with the medicine with the tribe, who feel the call to a plant dieta. We will arrive one night before the diet begins and spend one 1 night after it ends, for a total of 14 nights. International flights should be booked to Lima, and you will need return ticket to Pucallpa. You will need to arrive on January 7 to Pucallpa, where we can recommend a hotel to stay and all meet together ready for travel the next morning. On January 8 together we will travel boat or small plane (depending on the timing and preference of group)  to arrive to the village of Contamana. We will depart on January 21 back to Pucallpa by small plane. The details will be coordinated with the group.

Jochipapanete is a Shipibo center constructed in 2021. It is near the village if Contamana, about 6 hours by boat or 1 hour by small plane, from Pucallpa, in the Ucayali region of the Amazon rainforest. It runs entirely on solar power, and is fully equipped with tambos, ceremony manola, showers, toilets, kitchen, chill area, and medicine brewing hut. There is internet access (on dieta this is limited only to emergency use) and drinking water. There are nearby natural hot springs which we will visit before the dieta begins, to cleanse in the medicinal waters and connect with the beauty of the nature there.

This is a traditional shipibo dieta and a deep journey into the self, healing and connection with the plants. The dieta will be held in solitude in individual tambos and silence, with dietary and other restrictions. We will only meet as a group on nights of ceremony. A plant will be prescribed to you by the maestras and we will be in the diet for 12 days. There will be 6 ayahuasca ceremonies during the dieta, led by the maestras with facilitation from Isa.

More details

Cost is all-inclusive of the 14 night retreat, but does not include international to Lima, national airfare to Pucallpa and a short flight or boat from Pucallpa to Contamana, travel insurance, Peru entry requirements or travel expenses outside of the retreat. A 50% deposit is required to hold your space. The group is limited to 7 participants.

Please contact us to confirm your place, send the deposit and/or to schedule an interview and to have any questions answered. We will send you an application from there if you have not already sat with us to clarify your intentions.

General Info on plant dietas at Jochipapanete