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Cacao: Ruk’u’x’ Ulew

Ceremonial Paste, Ground, Nibs or Beans from Guatemala.

Delicious and highly vibrational pure cacao.

The blocks of paste are made from the beans which have been lightly roasted and hand-peeled, then put through a mill to make it into a paste. The block is best if you would like to make it into a drink as it will dissolve with the heat. There is no need to boil it. No need to freeze the unused portion unless it is exposed to hot temperatures.

The 1lb ground powder is same as the block but already ground, so it is easy to make a cup or add to your favorite recipe. It contains the cacao butter still.

The 1lb beans are the natural state, delicious for snacking or crumbling over anything.

The 1lb nibs are beans that have been broken down already crumbled.

Each one is the exact same ingredient, 100% cacao.

Grown in the highlands of Guatemala and processed and packaged by Ruk’u’x Ulew, which translates to ‘Heart of the Earth’, a Mayan women’s cooperative in San Marcos La Laguna and brought here directly by me for shipping within the US.

We include a recipe for making your own cup of ceremonial cacao.

Add a little jar Guatemalan chile cobanero to your order to use in your ceremonial preparation. please see listing here:

Add some Black Mayan lava sea salt:

Add some hulled cardamom:

***NOTE about temperature: we ship all orders via USPS. during a hot summer when temperatures over 95 degrees in some parts of the US, your cacao will melt if left to sit in the mailbox or a sunny doorstep. please order accordingly and check tracking to know when it will arrive, shipping is often quick. if cacao melts and then hardens again it doesn’t change its properties and is still perfect to use. we cannot replace your order if it arrives a little melted.

***Please note: if your cacao is packed in bubble or paper to protect it, rest assured it has been repurposed to not waste senseless packaging. Thanks for understanding.

*** International shipping: upon placing your order, you will be charged $78 to cover international shipping, and you will be sent a refund for the balance after we figure out the exact amount of your package, depending on the weight and your location. in some cases this is the actual cost especially with 5 or more pounds. it is sent priority mail and will arrive internationally in 6-10 business days.

We cannot accept returns for any of the cacao items, chili, cardamom or salt.

Recent price increases are due to regular high increases in cost of shipping from Guatemala. Thank you for understanding.